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Frequently Asked Questions about the Laughing Cat

After seven years of bimonthly meetings, a multitude of workshops and assorted outings... the facilitators of The Laughing Cat Discussion Group have decided to take a much-needed vacation.

The Laughing Cat will be on hiatus until further notice, however a limited number of other events will be occurring on an invitation-only basis. Please contact Home Circle for more information.

When and where do you meet?
New meeting locations and schedules will be set when the Laughing Cat returns from hiatus.

How long do meetings last?
Meetings generally last for about 2 hours, although some folks often shift the discussion to a local coffee house or restaurant and chat well beyond that. It's also not unusual for someone to come in a bit late, or to leave a bit early because of jobs, child care, transportation arrangements, or previous commitments.

What are the meetings like?
Our meetings are very informal - we have a starting topic or activity that we work with for however long interest lasts. After that, we let the conversation and questions go where they will (within reason). Reasonable questions are always welcome, and sometimes the specific interests of the folks on a particular evening will shift our topics quite a bit from the planned route.
We share our own experiences and thoughts, sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree, but we usually end up learning something along the way. And generally we have a lot of fun - most of our regulars enjoy jokes, puns and occasional tall tales, so you can expect to have a good laugh as well.

How much does it cost?
There is no cost involved in attending the Laughing Cat, although we do welcome treats for the snack table, or a donation to the “kitty” for activity supplies.

How do I sign up/register?
The Laughing Cat is an open forum; there are no requirements other than common courtesy, and no applications other than showing up.

What is the Laughing Cat email list for?
The Laughing Cat email list is an announcement-only forum for notices about Laughing Cat events, and for information about meeting topics. There are usually two reminder notices sent for each meeting, one about 5 days before the meeting, and one about a day before.
Some topics have articles or other information available. These articles (usually 2 to 5, each sent in a separate post) are sometimes from a variety of viewpoints, and we never require anyone to read them to participate - they are simply to share perspectives on the topic in a way that lets us kill fewer trees than having lots of handouts at meetings.

If I can't come to meetings, can I still be on the email list?
Of course! While the list is intended for meeting regulars, it is open for anyone who finds the material useful. It should be kept in mind, however, that the articles are intended for discussion and debate - not everything that is posted is from a generally accepted source.

How old do I have to be to attend meetings?
There are no specific age limitations for participation, although we have asked younger teens to bring a parent when they attend.

I have a small child; can I bring them to the meetings?
We have had children of various ages attend meetings with their parents. Generally, however, most young folks find our conversations to be rather boring - and our discussions can go into areas that may not be appropriate for younger ears.
While we leave it to individuals to determine what is appropriate for their family, we ask parents to remember that this is an adult forum, and we reserve the right to ask parents to remove their children from the area if they disrupt the meeting in any way.

What's the starting topic for the next meeting?
Starting topics are updated quarterly, and are posted to the Laughing Cat email list, and to the web site here. Past topics are also available here.

I have an idea for a topic . . .
If you have an idea for a topic - or if there is a past topic that you'd like us feature again - let us know at a Laughing Cat meeting, or drop us a note at laughingcat@gate.net.

Are you a "real" class or just a study group?
The Laughing Cat isn't really either one - it's a discussion group and workshop forum. We do sometimes have guest speakers and sometimes topics work though a related or progressive series for a time, but our main purpose is simply providing a forum for discussing and working with topics related to various forms of Paganism and to Traditional Initiatory Witchcraft paths.
There are occasional in-depth workshops or other related forums scheduled. These are usually announced at regular meetings when they are available.

If you would like more information, email laughingcat@gate.net.