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the Laughing Cat Discussion Group

Who are these people, and why are their cats laughing?
Most of us are some flavor of Witches, Druids or other form of Pagan. We are an Earth-honoring group of tree-huggers. Many of our goals, beliefs and concepts are common to many Pagan organizations, but there are a few things that we like to think are unique about our group...

We like to laugh!
We are very humor-friendly here. We love puns, double-entendres, one-liners, and the occasional shaggy-dog story. Humor is a great teaching tool, and laughter is a wonderful way to bond with others. And let's face it - if you can't laugh at yourself and those around you, you probably just don't get the joke.

Being respectful is important.
Pagans of almost every stripe tend to have very strong opinions, and rather individualistic tendencies. We enjoy active discussion, and don't expect everyone to agree with our take on things. Our only ground rule is that everyone be civil in expressing their opinions and in agreeing or disagreeing with others. No matter how we feel about the ideas and opinions that may be expressed, everyone deserves to be spoken to - and about - with honor and respect.

Tea is good.
We tend to drink a lot of tea. Not that we have anything against coffee - we'll drink that as well. And we like chocolate, too. (Have you got any with you, by chance?)
The majority of our meetings include noshes such as various forms of tea, coffee or chocolate. We encourage everyone attending the discussions to relax, and have "a nosh and a cuppa" with us. Contributions to the snacking table are welcome (but are never required), either by bringing a treat to share or by dropping a dollar or two into the kitty to help with purchasing supplies.

Tradition is a good thing.
Our discussion groups and workshops are open to all flavors of Pagans and those interested in elements of Paganism, regardless of Path or Tradition. Pagan religions often incorporate concepts common with other paths, but most Pagan faiths are each a distinct path of their own. Although many of our topics are common to many Pagan and magical paths, many of our presentations are based in the perspectives of their presenters; those perspectives are usually influenced by their Path or Tradition.

With that in mind, we encourage anyone who has something to share, something to teach, or something to learn to join us in good-spirited discussion, as we share, teach and learn things together.
We hope to see you soon!

If you would like more information, email laughingcat@gate.net.