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Yahoo Groups

the Amber and Jet email list
This is a list aimed at exploring British Traditional Wicca (BTW) paths and traditions. Just 'lurking' and reading various individual and group views of things can go a long way to helping understand some of the various differences between traditions, and between different forms of Witchcraft and Wicca. Be aware that the definition of "Wicca" used on this list is very different from the definition you’ll see in most other places.

WiLD - the Wicca Literature Discussion
A daughter-list to Amber and Jet for the discussion of ideas and concepts found in literature of interest to British Traditional Witches and Seekers.

Freeform Craft
A semi-public list for Feri Initiates and seekers, and those involved in Feri-related interests.

LiveJournal Communities

Witch_Trads Community
(Tradition-based Witchcraft)

Feri Community

NonFluffyPagans Community